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Dredging Industry Will Be Represented at CONEXPO/CON-AGG 2014, March 4 - 8 in Las Vegas

An ALLU unit equipped with a large binding agent tank working in a settlement pond.

An ALLU unit equipped with a large binding agent tank working in a settlement pond.

ALLU’s attachment with dual rotors installed on an excavator crane and consolidating material. A binding agent is injected into the soil during the mixing process.

IDR’s list of dredging-related exhibits, arranged by area.


Agg1, 20051.

Agg1 is an aggregate production show held in off years between Conexpo/ConAgg shows, produced by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers. The next show is March 17 through 19, 2015 at the Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland. Co-located with World of Asphalt, it is described on

I Make America, 20051.

Visit the AEM booth to learn about this advocacy and legislative group, which promotes policies that will benefit equipment manufacturers through export, transportation and infrastructure, and water infrastructure and agriculture policies.

International Union of Operating Engineers, 20125

The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) is a progressive, diversified trade union that primarily represents operating engineers, including dredge operators, who work as heavy equipment operators, mechanics and surveyors in the construction industry, and stationary engineers, who work in operations and maintenance in building and industrial complexes, and in the service industries.

A VMI model MD-1230CS dredge working on the Mississippi River at St. Louis, dredging a combination of sand and silt to create a harbor area for loading and unloading cargo alongside the shipping lanes. The St. Louis arch “Gateway to the West” is visible behind the second bridge.

National Stone, Sand & Gravel Association (NSSGA), 20069

CON-AGG show host, the NSSGA advocates for the U.S. construction aggregates industry, which in the past year produced two billion metric tons of material, contributing $40 billion to the United States’ GDP. Every $1 million in, aggregates sales creates 19.5 jobs, and every dollar of industry output returns $1.58 to the nation’s economy.

Western Dredging Association (WEDA)

Aggregate producers who operate dredges stop by the WEDA booth to see the literature and other information the organization provides for dredge owners. Other visitors will also find this booth to be a good source of information on dredges and dredging. Executive Director Larry Patella and other members will be available to answer questions.

This photo of a DSC Marlin cutter installation shows the ladder pump that allows deep digging. The cutter is equipped with a high-torque drive for cutting through consolidated material.


ALLU Group, Inc. 2109.

Of interest to the dredging industry is ALLU’s material stabilization equipment. Consisting of an attachment containing dual rotors, it is lowered into a settlement basin or barge containing contaminated material, and mixes a binding agent into the material to stabilize it for final placement in a safe location. This equipment is in use at the Port of New York and New Jersey, treating contaminated dredged material.

Dam-It Dams, 1391

Portable, water-filled cofferdams for a full range of applications.

Liebherr Construction Equipment Co., 2155

Liebherr’s display includes an assortment of excavators and cranes in a large-footprint display area. The dredging industry extensively uses Liebherr backhoe excavators, such as the Model 994, and for clamshell dredging, the Model 895 HD crawler crane.

This 18 x 18 electric dredge is one of two CDW built for Martin Marietta in the Des Moines area. It has a 50-foot chain ladder with a nine-inch pitch.

Manitowoc Company, Inc., 2137

Manitowoc crawler cranes are a standard in the dredging industry for clamshell dredging. Cranes range in lifting capacity from 73 tonnes (80 US tons) to 2300 tonnes (2,535 US tons). Marsh Buggies, Inc., 70221 Marsh Buggies amphibious equipment works in mud, swampland and other harsh terrains. Products include the Marsh Buggy, Swamp Buggy, Marsh Excavator and Cargo Buggy.

Poseidon Barge Corporation, 1386

Poseidon manufactures sectional barges for floating construction equipment for dredging, as well as for marine contractors and diving contractors. The barges are easily transported by truck and on step deck trailers. For this CONEXPO, the company promised to introduce “the greatest innovation in floating construction equipment in 40 years.”

CDW built this custom dredge for Dredge America, mainly for lake jobs. It is a 20-inch dredge fitted with DredgePack®, a nuclear density meter, and cameras giving the operator views of the engine rooms and other parts of the dredge, all operated from a central console with four or five viewing screens.

REMU, 1587

Besides a full range of screening equipment, this Finnish company manufactures the Big Float, an amphibious excavator for challenging environments, such as swamps, shorelines, waste ponds and canals.

Wirerope Works, Inc., 70209

Wirerope Works, headquartered in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, manufactures, sells and services Bethlehem Wire Rope®, used in marine, logging, mining, oil and gas, and steel industries.


H.O. Bostrom Company, 254

Manufactures high performance seating and accessory products for dredges and heavy equipment.

VMI, Inc., 753.

Visit Randy and Tony Maitlen, and Henry Boschen to talk about VMI’s line of cutter suction dredges for sand and gravel. The dredges range from eight to 14 inches, with Cummins or Cat diesels, or with an option of electrical power.


Columbia Steel Casting Co., Inc., 52771

Founded in 1901, Columbia Steel manufactures steel alloy and iron alloy wear parts. During the gold mining heyday, they provided buckets for bucket ladder dredges and can still provide these on request. At the show, the company is featuring its crusher parts, specifically manganese steel parts, for all brands of gyratory, cone, jaw, roll, hammermill and impact crushers.

CDW will display a Vosta Model TSC04 cutterhead in their booth. The teeth are easily removed individually for replacement, or all teeth can be removed, leaving a plain serrated edge cutter.

DSC Dredge LLC, 30040

Robert Wetta, president/CEO; and William Wetta, vice president of product development; Charles Johnson, director of sales, and Charles Sininu, international sales, will greet visitors in the company’s newly designed booth, which will show pictures and videos of products from DSC and subsidiary W&S. Particular attention will be given to the Marlin line of deep aggregate dredges, equipped with underwater pumpsand high-torque cutter drives for mining difficult material.

ESCO Corporation, 30020

For dredges, ESCO produces the GeoVor® tooth system, Helilok® points, Spherilok® adapter system and cutterhead, a sand and clay cutterhead and Vortex™ cutterhead.

McLanahan Corporation, 51756

This supplier of sand and gravel processing equipment is the new owner of Eagle Iron Works – a longtime player in the aggregate dredging industry.

Metso, 50979

Metso’s slurry pumps include several models used for dredging, though the company’s exhibit will concentrate on its full line of mining equipment at CONEXPO/CON-AGG.

Pearce Pump Supply & Foundries, 50960

Pearce will display a PFH 8x8x20 slurry pump, a 52-inch, three-vane impeller, and various small castings (flight shoes, cutter edges, log washer paddles). Present in the booth will be, from Pearce Pump Supply, Mike Gomez, senior VP; David Gunter, national sales manager – aggregates; Jeremy Walker, international sales/special projects, and Pat Thomas, outside sales. From Pearce Midwest will be Marty Campbell, sales manager, and Bill Mackay, outside sales. Tom Lippold, outside sales for Pearce Pump North, will also be in the booth.

Working in Muscatine, Iowa, this chain ladder dredge is digging a sand deposit with many large cobbles, which the chain picks up and deposits away from the suction. It has a 105-foot ladder, an underwater pump and an on-deck booster.

Rohr-Idreco Dredge Systems, 52779

Rohr-IDRECO manufactures a broad line of dredges for the aggregate industry, concentrating on dredges capable of digging to great depths. Their signature machine is the floating hydraulic clamshell dredge. Ellicott and Rohr personnel will be at the booth. (See related article, pg. 15.)

The Crosby Group, 30334

Crosby has a product line of move than 2,000 items for rigging applications in the lifting and material handling industry.

Twinkle Co., 50939

Willard and Scott Salemink, and Bryce Leggins will be present to discuss their sand and gravel dredges, and add-on systems such as the CONVAC bypass valve system and automation systems to increase production.

Weir Minerals North America, 50713

Weir Minerals specializing in slurry equipment, including pumps, hydrocyclones, valves, screen machines and screen media, rubber and wear resistant linings for global mining and mineral processing, the power sector and general industry.

Wilco Marsh Buggies, 40618

Soft-terrain amphibious vehicles and excavators.


ISCO Industries, 5813

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, ISCO provides high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, with other facilities in Canada, Australia and Chile.

Ramsey Winch, 6710

Hydraulic and electric, worm gear and planetary gear winches and planetary hoists.

Sennebogen LLC, 4264

Manufacturer of a line of cranes and lifting equipment for a number of industries. Its equipment can be mounted on barges for dredging purposes.

US Rigging Supply, 6920

U.S. Rigging Supply has been manufacturing wire rope assemblies and related products for more than 30 years, for many applications.


Trimble, 65416

Trimble was one of the first GPS systems used in the dredging industry, and was the first GPS system to position a dredge and survey boat with no other positioning backup, in 1989. The company expanded into the land construction industry, and provides construction software for grade control and site positioning, and has worked with the construction industry to integrate these systems into a variety of construction equipment

PANOLIN International Inc., 85704

Panolin produces environmentally safe hydraulic oils, engine oils, gear oils, lubricating greases and sprays, and transformer oils, and is a major lubricant supplier to the dredging industry.

Hemisphere GPS, 65010

Hemisphere’s global positioning system products are used in positioning and to interface with automation systems on all types of dredges.

Poclain Hydraulics, 80940

Founded in 1926, Poclain produced the first hydraulic excavator in 1950. Now the company produces motors, pumps, valves, electronics and hydraulic power units for all types of earth moving equipment.

Twin Disc, Inc., 83754

Twin disc designs, manufactures and distributes power transmission equipment.

RR USA Inc., 83953

For dredging, RR USA manufactures and distributes planetary reduction gears, bearings, drive systems and hydraulic systems and components.

WPT Power Corporation, 84008

WPT provides brakes, clutches and gears for dredges, and precision engineered parts for the power market in a full range of industries.

Weir Minerals Linatex, 61540

This division of Weir minerals provides abrasion-resistant rubber compounds for lining equipment subject to extreme abrasion. Linatex also manufactures dredge hose, flexible hose connectors, and hard wall mining hose, as well as other products for the cement, construction and mining industries.


Custom Dredge Works Inc., 9079

Custom Dredge Works (DCW) is focusingon its cutters and cutterhead components at this show. Company president and vice president, CJ and John Jones will be present, as well as Mike Hagemann, design engineer, along with design staff Eric Brown, Tim Rumpel and Tony Goodnow, all part of the design staff. Rob Kendall will represent the hydraulic engineering staff, and Lisa Glassel, accounting and human resources manager, along with Jessica Smith, inside sales representative.

Eagle Iron Works, 7910

EIW, LLC has been providing heavy duty aggregate processing equipment for 140 years. The company was founded in 1872 in Des Moines, Iowa. In November, 2012, McLanahan Corporation purchased the assets of Eagle Iron Works under EIW, LLC, and continues to operate the company according to its traditional philosophy.

EarthCam, Inc., 90302

EarthCam provides jobsite cameras to document and monitor an operation or project. The cameras provide high quality imagery, project information, onsite data and collaboration tools.

Pioneer Dredge, 7900

This new dredge manufacturer started business in July 2013 and works with a fully equipped assembly and fabrication facility in Nashville, Tennessee. The company has administrative offices in Jacksonville, Florida and Lagos, Nigeria. Company president Michel Allen, Director of Operations Thomas Kroeger and Director of Engineering and Sales Bob Sutton, along with Spanish speaker Jessica Garza will be present to discuss the company’s line of dredges, cutterhead assemblies and parts.

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