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DIAP Dredges on Jurong Island, Singapore

Dredging International Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (DIAP), a subsidiary for the South East Asia group of Dredging, Environmental & Marine Engineering (DEME), in a joint venture with Starhigh Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. was awarded a contract for 148 hectares of land reclamation, as an extension of Jurong Island in Singapore. The work is being performed for JTC (Jurong Town Corporation), the Singapore government’s largest industrial landlord.

The $1.02 billion contract includes sand bund construction with shore protection and dredging to deepen the shoreline, basin and channel realignment. A part of the Temasek Fairway and the West Jurong Channel will also be realigned and deepened. The dredged and land-based excavated material will be used for building roads, drains and sewers and preparing a site for vacuum consolidation research. The project will include three reclamation phases.

DIAP will deploy spud clamshell dredges and a self-propelled trailing suction hopper dredge. The work began in mid-December and will be finished by the end of 2017, for phases one and two. Phase three will be completed by mid-August 2018.

DEME said the project has strict environmental provisions, identified in an environmental assessment, including environmental monitoring and a program for navigation safety.

This westward extension of Jurong Island is another addition to the world’s third largest oil refining and petrochemical hub, in the western part of Singapore.

Since the 1990s, DIAP has been involved in West Singapore’s industrial land extensions, amalgamating seven existing smaller islands into a single Jurong Island. These previous contracts included a large-scale extension of the Singapore main island of the Tuas View peninsula, and led to the current JIWE contract.

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