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Boskalis and Van Oord Reinforce Northern Dutch Coastline

In December 2013, Holland’s Noordekwartier Regional Water Board and the Department of Public Works and Water Management awarded a Van Oord and Boskalis joint venture a contract to reinforce and maintain the Hondsboossche and Pettemer Sea Defense from Petten to Camperdium, the northern stretch of the Dutch coastline.

The EUR 140 million (about $190 million) contract includes construction and maintenance of the new sandy coastline for 20 years. The project is part of the second national High Water Protection Program.

The project will begin in 2014, with construction of a beach and dunes. Four trailing suction hopper dredges will deposit 40 million cubic yards of sand sourced from the sea. After completing the project, the Van Oord/Boskalis joint venture will maintain the coastline for another 20 years.

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