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Boskalis Deepens Southampton Approach Channel

In November 2013, Royal Boskalis Westminter N.V. acquired a contract from the Associated British Ports to deepen the Southampton approach channel. The contract is worth approximately EUR 35 million (about $48 million).

The work will begin in February 2014 with the 8,530-cubic-meter (about 11,100-cubicyard) trailing suction hopper dredge Cornelis Zanen and 4,500-cubic-meter (about 17,650-cubic yard) Causeway, and other backhoe dredges.

Dredging will deepen the 40 km (about 25 mile) long approach channel to between 13.2 and 14.5 meters, removing approximately three million cubic meters (about four million cubic
yards) of hard clay, sand and gravel. The dredging
will take place over 12 months.

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