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January-February 2011

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U.S. Machinery Exports Up 28 Percent

President's Budget Includes $4.631 Billion for Civil Works

HMTF Bill Introduced in Senate

Measutronics Opens Seattle Office

AEM President Calls for Bipartisan Responsibility for Budget

International Dredging Contracts

International dredging-related contracts and events of recent months.

Nelson Joins Thaman Rubber as Vice President

Chris Nelson has joined Thaman Rubber Company as vice president, as of November 25.

Combination of Watermaster Dredge and GeoTubes Is Restoring Finlands Lake Galltrsk

Lake Galltrsk, 15 kilometers west of Helsinki, used to be a popular recreational area with beaches and clear water. Unfortunately, it has suffered from major strain caused by habitation and industry.

Wolverine Dredge Built for Colombias Electric Utility CHEC

In early December, DSC Dredge LLC welcomed two guests from ColombiaNestor Fabio Osorio of Buceo Industrial y Dragados de Urab, S.A.S and Julian Lopez Palacio of CHEC. They visited the company to inspect CHECs newly-purchased 10-inch Wolverine class dredge, which will be used to clear sedimentation from dams.

DEME Building Material Launches Gravel Hopper Dredge Victor Horta

Hanson Discusses Results Of Oil Berm Dredging Project

Bill Hansons talk Its Not the Steel, Its the Paper was more a reference to the fact that there was always more than enough equipment (steel) in the U.S. to do what was needed (despite pronouncements to the contrary), he explained. The question was how quickly the engineering, permitting, and contracting could be prepared. They were equally challenged, but in the American tradition of teamwork and cooperation in a crisis, we all excelled in our own areas of expertise, he said.

New York District Corps and City Officials Break Ground on Bronx Orchard Beach Project

On Oct. 29, 2010, representatives from the Army Corps of Engineers joined Rep. Jos Serrano, Rep. Joseph Crowley, New York City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Deputy Bronx Borough President Aurelia Greene, District Manager Kenneth Kearns, Bronx Borough Commissioner, Hector M. Aponte, and Community Board 10 Chair Virginia Gallagher in a groundbreaking ceremony for the Orchard Beach Shoreline Protection Project. Originally constructed by the City of New York in the 1930s, Orchard Beach is a major draw for residents of the Bronx and its surrounding communities. Last year more than 1.4 million or close to 14,000 residents per day visited the beach. The beachs last re-nourishment occurred in 1964.

Sand and Gravel Dredging Keeps Pace with Sophisticated Systems

Maintenance Dredging in Kobi, Japan

DREDGING Highlights from the Past: January-February 2011 issue

Piedroba Dewaters Slurry, Returns Clean Water to Holmes Beach Canals

This project was a successful application of a total cleaning system (TCS), where the particular type of solids of the sediments permitted the dredger to avoid the costly construction of a dredged material maintenance area (DMMA), or the transportation and tipping fees for a municipal landfill. The surface waters were cleaned in tandem, and contributed to a higher quality benthic environment in the canals.

MEDCO Launches Self-Propelled Rock Cutter Dredge Al Jarraf

On October 27, Middle East Dredging Company Q.S.C (MEDCO, formerly Qatar Dredging Company) launched the cutter dredge Al Jarraf, Arabic for The Dredging Vessel. MEDCO is a partnership between the Qatari company United Development Company (UDC), Qatar Holding, and the Belgian DEME group.

Damen Delivers Dredge Amoris to Antwerp

In the last week of November, Damen dredging delivered the cutter dredge Amoris to the Port of Antwerp. Damen built the custom dredge in 14 months, to work in the polluted silt treatment plant of SeReAntSediment Recycling Antwerp, a joint venture of DEME Environmental Contractors and Envisan, the environmental subsidiaries, respectively, of Dredging International and Jan de Nul.

ON THE COVER: Automated Dredge Christine Runs Itself

At the Boerner Kies operation in Trabitz, Germany, Metso Pumps provided a Metso Thomas L36 (14x12x36) dredge pump on the dredge Christine. This fully-automated dredge was designed and built by Bagema. There are only three people at the site - and none of them on the dredge.

Great Lakes D&D Acquires L.W. Matteson, Inc.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation announced on January 3 that it had acquired the assets of L.W. Matteson, Inc. of Burlington, Iowa for $45 million. The acquisition will be funded with $37.5 million in cash and a seller note of $7.5 million.

Nineteenth World Dredging Congress Drew World Experts to China

From the opening ceremony in the large auditorium, with festive leis of orchids placed around the necks of all the dignitaries, to the closing ceremony in a fully packed hall with enthusiastic participants, WODCON XIX held in Beijing, China from September 8 through 14 2010 was a fascinating mixture of pomp and circumstance and high-level technical expertise.

Electric Pump Drive Increases Efficiency, Reduces Noise on Dutch Aggregate Dredge Maas

Last summer, Dutch dredging company Geluk contracted Damen Dredging Equipment to replace the hydraulic drive on its sand mining dredge Maas with an electric drive, for an efficiency gain of more than 28 percent. Geluk specializes in aggregate dredging as well as construction, reclamation, maintenance and other dredging projects.

Singapore Boom Fuels Asian Sand Crisis

Singapores growth is literally built on sand. For more than ten years, sand has been dredged all over Asia to feed Singapores construction and reclamation boom. Building out into the sea, Singapore has increased its land area an estimated 20 percent over the past five decades. The city-state uses sand both to reclaim land from the sea and for cement.

Dredge Texas Goes Aground on Brownsville Jetty

Stephen Apsey is New Teledyne Odom General Manager

Obama to Cite Infrastructure Projects in Address

NWC Legislative Summit Planned for March

Dredging 2012 to be in San Diego, October 2012

Draka to Provide Cable for Boskalis Vessel

Report Says Jones Act Did Not Hinder Oil Cleanup

RAMP Act Introduced

Great Lakes D&D Acquires L.W. Matteson Inc.

Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Corporation announced on January 3 that it had acquired the assets of L.W. Matteson, Inc. of Burlington, Iowa for $45 million. The acquisition will be funded with $37.5 million in cash and a seller note of $7.5 million.

Great Lakes D&D Acquires L.W. Matteson, Inc.

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