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Chinese to Hold November Dredging Conference in Tianjin

The China Dredging Association (CHIDA) has planned the Third International Congress On Dredging Technology Development in China, to be held November 18 and 19 in Tianjin.

The theme is “Promoting the Beneficial Uses of Dredged Material: Saving Natural Resources and Promoting Environmental Protection”, and will address uses for the massive amounts of dredged material being produced by dredging in China.

The rapid and sustained development of China’s economy has demanded expansion and upgrading of China’s harbor facilities. The increased harbor and waterway construction activity has generated increased volumes of dredged materials. Such a volume of material has the potential to provide a source of material for reclamation, construction and other beneficial uses.

CHIDA is organizing the event in association with the Eastern Dredging Association (EADA).

The official languages are Chinese and English, with simultaneous interpretation provided during the congress.

The corporate sponsor is CCCC Tinajin Dredging Co., Ltd., who will select the venue for the conference.

November 19 will be devoted to technical visits. Possible locations are the Tianjin Binhai (New Coastal District), the Tianjin Artificial Island, and the Tianjin Container Terminal.

Please see Events, Etc., in this issue for contact and registration information for this conference.

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