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Let's hope good times are here to stay; IDR in its 25th year of publication

After several years of slow business, things are beginning to look better.

In his address to the dredging industry at CEDA Days in November, CEDA president Rewert Wurpts expressed hope that the dredging economy was picking up, citing full order books for most of the dredging contractors.
In this issue, Boskalis chairman Rob van Gelder reports that the company’s order book has doubled to a record high of 2.5 billion euros.

The overseas market improvement is partly due to the enormous ongoing contracts to create islands in the Middle East, and also the need for dredging in Nigeria, as that country works to create land suitable for building homes and roads.

Here in the United States, government entities are looking at the dredging industry to remove contaminated material, which lies in some riverbeds in alarming quantities.
Our cover story, about a pilot dredging project in the Passaic River in New Jersey, spotlights one situation. People involved are calling this six-mile stretch of river the most polluted in the nation, as it holds chemicals deposited during almost two decades of the manufacture of Agent Orange, in addition to other source points in the area.

We celebrate our 25th anniversary this year, and our own order book is looking good so far. 2005 was our best year ever, and we are approaching last year’s bottom line in projected advertising this year.

It has been a difficult quarter century. IDR started on less than a shoestring, and we lived from hand to mouth for years. In 2000, Len Cors came aboard as business manager, and under his direction, the company has prospered.

For this, our first issue of the year, we are covering a wide variety of topics, including the Corps of Engineers decision to mothball the hopper dredge McFarland, the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Association’s focus on the un-maintained stretch of that waterway in Georgia, and a number of conferences where topics of importance to the industry were addressed.

Backing up the positive comments on the state of the dredging industry, we report on a number of new dredge orders and the purchase of a major player in the industry -- Reson A/S -- by venture capitalists, who plan to inject funds for the expansion of the company.

We at IDR look forward to continuing our good relationship with all our subscribers and advertisers, and hope everyone’s year is prosperous.

Judith Powers

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