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Maj. Gen. Griffin Approves DSMP

On November 18, Maj. Gen Robert H. Griffin, Corps of Engineers director of civil works, signed a letter of implementation telling the Corps Districts that a certificate from the Dredging Contractors of America Dredging Safety Management Program (DSMP) must be accepted as the operating safety program on a government contract. Dredges without a DSMP certificate must submit an accident prevention plan and comply with the Corps of Engineers Safety Manual (Publication 385-11).

In the letter, Maj. Gen. Robert H. Griffin directs Corps commanders to John Torgersen, manager of the DSMP with any questions. Torgersen received 36 calls from Corps districts soon after the letter was issued, some from people who had no information on the DSMP. He plans to hold a series of meetings around the country to acquaint the Districts with the program.

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