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WODCON 16 Set for Kuala Lumpur

Plans for WODCON XVI, the sixteenth World Dredging Congress, are in place. To be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the Shangri-la Hotel, April 2 through 5, the conference will include approximately 59 technical papers and more than 30 poster presentations on all aspects of dredging.

The emphasis of the technical presentations is on dredging in the Far East, where massive dredging works are underway, and planned for the near and distant future.

Twelve papers are by Chinese authors, and deal with dredging projects on the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers and in the Grand Canal; dredging for power projects in urban areas, dredging for oil and gas pipelines and effects of pump filling the Jinjiag River dike. There are also papers on classifying material in Hong Kong and analyzing dredged sediment.

Five papers from India deal with dredging the Hugli Fairway, island development at Cochin, dredging issues at the ports of Kandla and Paradip and Visakhapatnam, and analyzing Charnockite rock for pipeline transportation. .

Topics from Japanese authors include land discharge for environmental preservation, underwater construction machinery, underwater robotics, high pressure solidification of bottom sediment, development of a dredged mud consolidation method, and sand spreading to improve a fishery field in Tokyo Bay.

Three Malaysian authors will address environmental management of projects at Sabah, dredged material relocation at Kuantan Port, and reclamation dredging in Malaysia.

Australian topics include dredging the Queensland ports and methods for dredging waterways in residential areas.

A Moroccan paper on dredging sand, a paper from Fiji on coral reefs near Pacific islands, dredging for land reclamation in Kuwait and hydraulic modeling in Bangladesh complete the Far- and Middle-Eastern papers.

Presenters from Western countries will discuss a variety of topics, including dredging projects, dredging equipment and engineering.

The poster presentations will be as interesting as the papers, with 13 Chinese and four Japanese presentations. Other posters are from Australia, India, Malaysia, Europe and the United States. The poster topics range from specific dredging projects to explaining the operation of various types of dredging equipment.

The technical visit will be to the Payah Indah Wetland Sanctuary, at Kuala Langat, an hour from Kuala Lumpur. The organizers chose this location in hopes of sparking discussion on wetland issues in the course of the conference. This wetland sanctuary in 1998 had recorded 142 species of birds, 40 species of fish, 35 species of other wildlife and 220 species of aquatic and terrestrial plants.

Reasonably-priced pre- and post-conference tours will give attendees an opportunity to see much of the surrounding countryside, and one-day and half-day tours are available throughout the conference for attendees and accompanying persons.

The conference is organized by ExpoAge International, who can be reached at: phone +60 3 627 55535; fax: +60 3 627 53231; email:

Generous discounts are available to conference attendees on Malaysian Airlines by giving the reference number G*Q6JRNL when booking. The airline will arrange connecting flights with participating airlines. The hosting organization is the Eastern Dredging Association (EADA), which, with the Central and Western Dredging Associations, forms the World Organization of Dredging Associations (WODA).

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