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January-February 1998

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Jan de Nul Orders Hopper Dredge

Belgian dredging contractor Jan de Nul orders a 33,000-cubic-meter hopper dredge worth more than US$120 million, to be delivered in January 2000.

WEDA Environmental Report Published

The Western Dredging Assocation Environmental Commission published "Overcoming Obstacles to Beneficial Use of Dredged Material." This article is a description and summary of the 24-page booklet, which has an introduction by Margaret Johnson, vice president of Ogden Beeman & Associates, and articles by four experts in the development of beneficial uses of dredged material.

Dredge Holland Still Digging

Lucas Marine Construction is using the 1914 California dredge Holland on emergency dredging in the Sacramento Delta. Unusually high rainfall -- 180 percent of normal -- has saturated the ground and created seepage under the dikes, a precursor to dike failure. Lucas and other Northern California dredging contractors are fortifying the dikes by reinforcing them with permeable rock material.

Peterhead Uses Del Norte GPS

The Peterhead Bay Authority in northeast Scotland purchased a Del Norte 5012 mobile GPS receiver and 625 Helmsmn Controller in September 1997. This short article describes the system.

Krumholz Develops River Plan

Dan Krumholz, waterways chief of the St. Paul District, Corps of Engineers, oversaw assembly of the Upper Mississippi River Channel Maintenance Management Plan, which was available in April 1996. It describes in detail the 245 miles of the Upper Mississippi, including 10 locks and dams and several navigable tributaries.

Pacific Chapter Meets in Napa

The WEDA Pacific Chapter met November 5 through 7, 1997 in Napa, California. the topic was "Dredging Dollars and Sense," and talks focused on saving money in carrying out dredging projects.

STN Atlas Separates Marine Electronics

STN Atlas Elektronik GmbH unincorporates its Marine Electonics Division and transforms it into an independent company, STN ATlas Marine Electronics GmbH.

Wayne Ross Dies

Wayne Melborne Ross died on December 24, 1997, in Seattle, Washington. He was a pioneer in the field of the transmission of sound in the water, and was the first to develop a number of techniques and procedures that later became industry standard, such as digitizing sounding records and using the global positioning system for hydrographic surveying.

Titan Opens New Jersey Warehouse

A manufacturer of rubber hose opens a warehouse in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The warehouse will stock dredge sleeves and sand suction hose.

Steinke Is New Long Beach Port Chief

Richard D. Steinke was approved as executive director of the Port of Long Beach on December 1, 1997.

Bisso Readies the Celia M

Bisso Marine Company uses heavy floatin cranes to salvage sunken vessels in the Gulf Coast and Mississippi River area. In November, 1997, the company salvaged a number of vessels.

History of Tule Reclamation

The history of the Stockton buckets is described in detail in John Thompson and Edward A. Dutra's historical work "The Tule Breakers." Dutra made a hobby of collecting and preserving memorabilia of dredging in the Sacramento Delta, and this led to publication ofthe book in 1983. He died on September 11, 1996. This article describes the operation of the Stockton bucket, a unique clamshell that operates in the manner of ice tongs. It gives information on how to order "The Tule Breakers"from the Stockton Corral of Westerners International.

Ellicott Receives Order from Thailand

The Kingdom of Thailand ordered 28-inch and 20-inch cutterhead dredges and associated equipment from Ellicott International of Baltimore, Maryland.

Dutch Surveyors Attend Hypack '98

Surveyors from Dutch dredging contractor Heuvelman-Ibis attended the Hypack training seminar in San Diego. They were among 320 people attending from all over the world, to update their knowledge on the Hypack positioning software, used for dredging and hydrographic surveying.

CEDA Environmental Committee and 1998

The Environmental Steering Committee of the Central Dredging Assocation (CEDA) met in conjunction with Europort and CEDA Dredging Days on November 21, 1997. This article identifies the members and describes the meeting in detail.

Dutra Plans to Reorganize

After filing Chapter 11, the Dutra Group annoucned its plan to reorganize, and to resume with $13 million in cash.

Future Pipe Introduces Stronger Floats

Future Pipe's new pipeline float, the Wavifloat MK2, was tested in severe conditions to prove that it could withstand all the punishment a dredging project could produce.

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