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Wakachiku Construction Co., Ltd.

Shigehiro Urano, rep. dir. pres.

Essential Information

2-23-18 Shimomeguro
Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0064
813-349-2027 9

Additional Information

Description: Wakachiku Construction Company's principal activity is civil engineering and architectural work. Other activities include dredging, reclamation, land development and construction works of port and harbor, rural and urban development project works, environmental protection, landscape gardening and pollution control works, ocean exploitation project works, construction consulting services, land and geological surveys, appraisal of real estate.

Dredges: Wakachiku Maru, CH, 860 mm (33.5"), 9200 hp, 1972, Sumitomo; Clean Sweeper No. 2, DP, 250 mm (10"), 1000 hp, 1992, Ishibashi Industries; Ryuo, CL, 6.0 m3 (8 cy), 1460 hp, 1999, Nakanishi Machine