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Vortex Marine Construction, Inc.

Blaise Fettig, pres.

Essential Information

1 Maritime Way
Antioch, CA 94509


Additional Information

Description: Vortex Marine Construction, Inc. is a California-based general marine contractor, owning and operating one of the largest fleets of floating construction equipment in the Western United States. The company specializes in marine and heavy civil construction projects throughout the United States with an emphasis on safe and innovative construction techniques. Typical projects range to $ 25 million, and include construction or repair of bridges, piers and wharves, dams, breakwaters, as well as marine pile-driving, dredging, underwater construction, pipeline/cable installation and heavy salvage.

Dredges: Vengeance, CL, 14 yd; Vantage, HC, 10 yd; Voracious, 18" x 16"; Icky D, 14" x 12"; Harbor King, 12" x 12"

Other Equipment: Tugs; scows; excavators; pumps