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UK Dredging

Pau Mitchell, gen. mgr.

Essential Information

Queen Alexandra House, Cargo Road
Cardiff CF10 4LY

442-920-8352 00

Additional Information

Description: UK Dredging (UKD) was established in 1996 as a division of Associated British Ports (ABP), the UK's largest ports group. Supported by a modern fleet of trailing suction hopper dredges, grab dredges, and two Multicat dredging support and buoy-handling vessels, UKD provides maintenance and capital dredging, beach replenishment, land reclamation, buoy handling and independent hydrographic survey services. As well as fulfilling the dredging requirements of ABP, UKD offers a cost-effective and reliable service to external or third-party clients throughout the UK, Eire and northwest Europe.

Dredges: UKD Bluefin, H, 3900 m3, 7125 kW, 1997, Ferguson; UKD Marlin, H, 2968 m3, 3405 kW, 1993, Appledore; UKD Orca , H, 2373 m3, 3600 kW, 2010 , Barkmeijer ; Cherry Sand, CL, 765 m3, 8525 kW, 1330 kW, 1968, Appledore

Other Equipment: 2 work boats