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The Arab Contractors (AC)

Eng. Mostafa Nagy Ibrahim, dredging dept. mgr.

Essential Information

Marine Construction Dept.
10th Ramadan, Cairo
201-515-4104 71

Additional Information

Description: Dredging works include port excavation, offshore construction and waterways, construction of reservoirs or lakes, artificial islands, preparatory works for slopes and bridges related to roads works, removing debris and sedimentation and uptake of persistent organic toxins. The Arab Contractors (AC) is one of the leading construction companies in the Middle East and Africa. Its 45,000 employees work in collaboration with its customers, partners, and suppliers in more than 29 countries around the world. Its list of projects extends to cover The Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Dredges: El-Safa, CH, 24", 3235 hp, 1976, Ellicott, Super Dragon; El-Marwah, CH, 20", 2000hp, 1999, Ellicott, Dragon 1870; El Salam, CH, 16", 770 hp, 1980, Ellicott, Dragon 770; Osmason 1, CH, 16", 1170 hp, 1996, Ellicott, Dragon 1170; Osmason 2, CH, 16", 1170, 1998, Ellicott, Dragon 1170; 10th Ramadan, CH, 16", 1000 hp, 1966, Ellicott, Dragon 1000; 4 clamshell dredges; 6 backhoe excavators

Other Equipment: 20 tugs; 10 work boats; 6 barges; 4 floating cranes; 2 - 16"x 980 hp booster pumps