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Spanopoulos Bros

Ignatios Spanopoulos, chrmn./mng. dir.

Essential Information

Kato Pounda - Ambelakia
18902 Attica
302-104-6745 55

Additional Information

Description: Spanopoulos S.A. began several decades ago as a small maritime services company. Today, the Spanopoulos Bros Group of Companies, having accumulated the know-how and expanded its fleet and facilities, is a major international player in the field of marine services. The company has completed more than 4000 projects and lists harbor and marina construction as one if its more important areas of expertise, with projects including construction of piers, construction of fishing and yacht shelters, construction and re-construction of lee and weather jetty protectors, and reforming of coasts.

Dredges: Ignatios III, CL, rebuilt 1995, 210t, American 11280, self propelled Ignatios XVI, rebuilt 2006, Manitowoc 4100 Ignatios II, CL, 1979, 180t, FMC LS 718, self propelled Agela, CL, rebuilt 1992, 100t, Lima 2400a Ignatios I, CL, rebuilt 2005, 100t Lima 2400