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Società Italiana Dragaggi SpA (SIDRA)

Pierre Catteau, gen. mgr.

Essential Information

Via Carlo Zucchi 25
I-00165 Roma

Additional Information

Description: A part of DEME Group. Specializes in dredging and underwater excavations, beaches and coastal protection and beach replenishment, dredging at considerable depths (up to 130 m.), construction of artificial islands, port and coastal maritime works, and more.

Dredges: Jade River, H, 30m, 6222 kW, 1978/1994, Beliard Murdoch, Belgium; Nile River, H, 110m, 19998 kW, 1999, IHC Kinderdijk The Netherlands; Orwell, H, 26m, 3590 kW, 1987, Fulton Marine, België; Pallieter, H, 33/60m, 6808 kW, 2004, IHC The Netherlands; Pearl River, H, 60m, 19061 kW, 1994/2002, IHC The Netherlands; Uilenspiegel, H, 50m, 13860 kW, 2002, Merwede Shipyard, The Netherlands; Artevelde, H, 22/33m, 6826 kW, 2009; Brabo, H, 28/43m, 11037 kW, 2007; Marieke, H, 33m, 6826 kW, 2006; Reynaert, H, 33m, 6823 kW, 2007; D'Artagnan, CH, 35m, 38000 hp, 2005, IHC The Netherlands; Kallo, CH, 20m, 4277 kW, 1980, Van Rees, Sliedrecht, The Netherlands; Vlaanderen XVI, H, 14m, 6823 kW, 1998; Vlaanderen XIX, H, 30m, 11732 kW, 1978, IHC Smit, The Netherlands; Big Boss, BH, 22.8m, 1928 kW, 1980/1995, Cockerill Yard, Belgium;