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Sinohydro Harbour Co., Ltd.

Essential Information

1 International Business Services Centre, Tongda Plaza Tianjin Free Trade Zone
862-266-2720 97

Additional Information

Description: Held by the Sinohydro Corporation, the Sinohydro Harbour Engineering Co., Ltd., is a company integrated and restructured for dredging and port construction operations with its member enterprises. Its sponsors consist of the Sinohydro Corp., the Sinohydro Corp. Ltd. and the Sinohydro Engineering Bureau 13. The main business of Sinohydro Harbour Co., Ltd. covers harbor and waterway engineering, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, etc.

Dredges: (2) IHC Beaver, 3800 hp and 4600 hp; (1) IHC Beaver, 6155 kW, Holland; (1) Ellicott 6870S, America