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Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc.

Philip R. DeLuca, vp.

Essential Information

2749 Lockport Road
Niagara Falls, NY 14305


Additional Information

Description: Remedial action contractor specializing in environmental dredging, dewatering and treatment of contaminated sediments from rivers, harbors, lakes and similar bodies of water. Expertise in sludge management. Operates and maintains a mobile fleet of dredges, plate and frame filter presses, and related equipment. Provides traditional environmental remediation and marine construction services including excavation, solidification, material handling and treatment, and installation of steel sheeting systems using Sevenson's patented Seal Wall System.

Dredges: 1 – 16” Marlin; 1 - 14” Shark; 1 - 14” 670 Jet Dragon; 4 - 10” MC-2000 Horizontal Augers; 4 - 8” H&H Horizontal Augers; 2 - 8” Moray’s; 11 – 16” Booster Pumps; 2 - 14” Booster Pumps; 4 - 10” Booster Pumps

Other Equipment: Portable water treatment systems; work boats; scows; conventional construction and material handling equipment