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Secora AS

Rolf Terje Seljeseth

Essential Information

Box 693
N-8301 Svolvaer

Additional Information

Description: Secora was established in January 2005 and is a specialized contractor in the development of safe and efficient harbors and coastal waterways along the Norwegian coast and Scandinavia. With its equipment, it has the capacity to remove more than 4 million cubic meters of dredged material from the ocean floor each year. Its drilling rigs can blast away 3,000 cubic meters of bulk rock per day. With its dredging equipment, it can remove and deposit material at a distance of more than r 2,500 meters away from the dredging area. Its machinery and equipment have been developed using the experience from numerous projects carried out along the Norwegian coastline.

Dredges: MA Djuphavn, PS, 500 m3/h, 750 kW, 1982/1995, Ankerløken verft; MA Berghavn, BH, 400 m3/h, 1040 kW, 1980-1996, De Donge; Transport 052, BH, 400 m3/h, 1000 kW, 1998/2000, Archangelsk RBF; MA Nyhavn, BH, 300 m3/h, 550 kW, 1987/1999, Mjellem Karlsen; MA Godhavn, BH, 240 m3/h, 500 kW, 1972/2004, Kragerø Slip; Transport 048, BH, 200/300 m3/h, 500 kW, 1971/2003, Mjellem Karlsen; MA Skjærhamn, CL, 400 m3/h 350 kW, 1974/1991, Kragerø Slip

Other Equipment: 1 tug; 1 floating crane; pile driver; 2 booster pumps; 5 work boats; 10 barges