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Jan Roness, mgr.

Essential Information

Gismerøyveien 207
N-4515 Mandal

Additional Information

Description: Scanmudring, established in 1985, plan and perform special underwater works - in deep water or in inaccessible locations worldwide. Offices, workshops, test quay access are located in Mandal in the southern part of Norway. The company performs special underwater work tasks - removal or relocation of any type of seabed soil is our specialty. Operations are successfully carried out in deep water, difficult conditions and in areas with restricted access. The company at present focuses on operation of Scanmachine, Scancrawler, Scandredge, Scandredge ROV Manipulator and Scangrabber. Additionally, it performs studies and supply Scanrovdredge for ROV and diver operations. The Scanmachine remotely operated underwater tool carrier can be operated to a water depth of 1000 m. The system can be modified for work in deeper locations if required. The Scanmachine is fitted with a tool change-out system.

Dredges: Scanmaskin 3, WID, 220, 2003, Scan Mudring, MK II; Scanmaskin 2, WID, 200, 2002, Scan Mudring, MK II; Scanmaskin 1, WID, 100, 1999, Scan Mudring, MK I