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Rotech Subsea, Ltd.

Richard Beattie, ops. dir.

Essential Information

Rotech House, Whitemyres Ave.
Aberdeen AB16 6HQ

441-224-7892 22

Additional Information

Description: Rotech Subsea provides mass flow excavation services to the oil, gas, and civil engineering market, including pipeline/cable trenching, decommissioning & abandonment excavation, free span rectification, inspection, repair & maintenance excavation, pre-sweeping/seabed preparation, and rock dump removal. The range of subsea excavation tools are powerful and controllable "Mass Flow Excavators.” We have a presence and equipment in the UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Mexico, Brazil, Norway, France and West Africa.

Dredges: Subsea Excavation Tool, 1.5 m, 8m3/s, 270 hp, July 1998, Rotech, T8000 (8 units); Subsea Excavation Tool, 1.5 m, 12 m3/s, 500 hp, 2007 (December), Rotech, T12000; Subsea Excavation Tool, 1.04 m, 4 m3/s, 150 hp, 1999 (March), Rotech, T4000 ( 9 units); Subsea Excavation Tool, 0.7 m2 m3/s, 150 hp, 1999 (September), Rotech, R2000 (3 units)