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Ross Island Sand & Gravel Co.

A. Charles Steinwandel, pres./ceo

Essential Information

P.O. Box 82249; office: 4315 SE McLoughlin Blvd.
Portland, OR 97282-0249

503-239-5504 MainOffice

Additional Information

Description: Ross Island Sand & Gravel Co. was founded and has been in continuous operation since 1926, with its initial focus supplying loose rock and concrete building materials throughout the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. Ross Island continues to be the oldest and largest independent Redi-Mix concrete supplier in the Portland area. Through the years, however, the company has grown and diversified, and now offers services throughout the Pacific Rim, including dredging for ship channels, marinas, ports and harbors, irrigation canals, slope protection, sand mining, beach nourishment and environmentally sensitive projects.

Dredges: RI Dredge No. 8, Cutter-Suction, 20", 5000 hp, portable, refurbished 2010; RI Dredge No. 7, Cutter-Suction, 18", 3000 hp, fixed hull, refurbished 2012; RI Dredge No. 10, Cutter-Suction, 16", 1800 hp, 2005, Electric & Portable, 2005; RI Dredge No. 5, CH, 10", 550 hp, refurbished 2004, Portable; RI Dredge No. 9, Clamshell, 9 cy, 1000 hp, 2400B Lima, 1998; RI Dredge No. 6, Clamshell, 5 cy, 600 hp, Diesel Electric, Washington Whirly, 1996; RI 2400A Lima Crawler, Clamshell, 6 cy, 600 hp, 1988; RI SS-9, 185'x50' Submersible Barge, ABS Load Line; Tug Rossisle, Triple Screws, 1500 hp, 59', 82 GRT, 55 NT, refurbished 2003.

Other Equipment: 2ea 600 hp twin-screw tender tugs; 2 ea 200 hp single-screw tender tugs; 14 barges (box barges & deck barges); 1ea 20", 2250 hp booster; 1ea 16", 1250 hp booster; 1ea 16", 750 hp booster; 1ea 10", 350 hp booster; 1ea Utility Spud Barge w/ Pedestal Mounted 54B Crane; 2ea 100' x 30' Ramp Barges.