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Rohde Nielsen A/S

Jeanette Rohde, mng. dir.

Essential Information

Nyhavn 20
DK-1051 Copenhagen K

Additional Information

Description: The Rohde Nielsen Company was founded by Captain Jens Rohde Nielsen in 1968. Now, many years later, Rohde Nielsen operates worldwide, with great experience and a staff of several hundred, managed by his daughter, Jeanette Rohde, B. Com, MBA as Director. Rohde Nielsen is the largest dredging company in Scandinavia. This position has been gained by providing tailored solutions to suit the customer’s requirements with special emphasis on low cost, efficiency and completion on time. The modern fleet of Rohde Nielsen consists of a wide range of trailer dredger, backhoe aquadiggers, bucket dredgers, barge unloaders/booster stations, tugs, self-propelled split barges, towed split barges, and survey vessels. All 43 vessels operated by a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.

Dredges: Trailer dredgers: Balder R, 6000 m3, 2010; Njord R, 6000 m3, 2010; Gefion R, 2658 m3, 1987/1995; Thor R, 2507 m3, 1984; Idun R, 2189 m3, 1984/2011; Brage R, 2130 m3, 1996; Sif R, 2173 m3, 1974/2009; Freja R, 1961 m3, 1982/2012; Trud R, 1570 m3, 1998/2010; Magni R, 1570 m3, 1998/2010, Modi R, 1410 m3, 1994/2003, Viking R, 1010 m3, 1975/2015; Kronborg R, 957 m3, 1965/1998, Toste R, 479 m3, 1992; Backhoes: Mjølner R, Gungner R Bucket dredgers: Ajax R, Frigg R Deep sea dredger: Odin R

Other Equipment: 10 barges;  6 tugboats; 6 survey vessels; 2 barge unloaders