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Peter Madsen Rederi A/S

John Madsen, mng. dir.

Essential Information

Søren Nymarksvej 8
DK-8270 Højbjerg

Additional Information

Description: Since 1951, the company has specialized in dredging, building breakwaters and piers, digging trenches for pipelines, transport laying and coupling of pipe, scour protection, diving and hydrographic surveying.

Dredges: Grete Fighter, BH, 380 m3, 2000 hp; Margrethe Fighter, BH, 235 m3, 440 hp; AASE Madsen, CL, 200 m3, 360 hp; Merete Chris, CL, 170 m3, 935 hp; M/V John Madsen, CL, 100 m3, 650 hp; M/V Peter Madsen, CL, 100 m3, 430 hp