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Hanna Cylkowska, chief- marine eng. dept.

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ul. Przetoczna 66
80-702 Gda_sk
480-583-0434 01

Additional Information

Description: PRCIP, Ltd. (Enterprise Dredging and Underwater Robot) is the biggest Dredging company in Poland. Its main aim is to maintain the leading position on the national market, the projects within the Baltic Sea area as well as outside Poland, and - in the future - in other marine tanks, as well.

Dredges: Inż.St. Foreign Investment, H; Trojan, CH, 12m; Ing T. Wenda, BW, 13-19m, 784 kW, 1972; Clam II, CL, 11.5m, 690 kW, 1978/2002; Lobster, CL, 22m, 592 kW, 1971; Świdrak, CL, 22m, 592 kW, 1971

Other Equipment: Self-propelled split barge; tug boats; barge unloaders; survey boats