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Neumann Dredging Co. Pty., Ltd.

Bill Neumann, gen. mgr

Essential Information

Nuban Street
Currumbin QLD 4223
617-558-9270 0

Additional Information

Description: A contracting company specializing in dredging and civil engineering projects, including marinas, canals, channels, lakes, land reclamation earthworks, roadworks, sewerage, drainage, water reticulation, revetment walling, bridges, quarrying and tailings re-handling. Design, manufacture and maintenance of cutter suction dredging equipment.

Dredges: Nu Bounty, BW, 510mm650 m3/hr, 1560 hp, Neumann, 350-20LD; NU Ultra, BW, 500mm650 m3/hr, 1400 hp, Neumann, 350-20L; Nu Endeavour, BW, 450 mm600 m3/hr, 1950 hp, Neumann, 350-18LD; Nu Compact, BW, 300mm250 m3/hr, 850 hp, Neumann, 250-12L; Nu Nomad, BW, 300mm225 m3/hr, 620 hp, Neumann, 250-12L; Nu Enterprise, BW, 250mm125 m3/hr, 290 hp, Neumann, 200-10L