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Millmac Corporation

Michael J. Miller

Essential Information

12457 NW 44th St.
Coral Springs, FL 33065


Additional Information

Description: Millmac Corporation celebrates its eleventh year in providing marine specialty services that include dredging, ship repair, bulkhead and seawall construction, and marine consulting. The services are available in Florida, Southeastern United States and the Caribbean.

Dredges: Margaret Jean, PS, 10"80 ft deep, 800 hp, 1985, Dixie Dredge, MMC10; Bette Jean, BW, 8"22 ft. deep, 250 hp, 2004, Keene Engineering, N8DX

Other Equipment: 1 tug; 2 work boats; 1 barge; 1 booster pump (8-inch, 200 hp); 1 aquatic weed harvester; 5000 ft 10inch HDPE pipe; 2500 feet of eight-inch HDPE pipe