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Macon Charter

Mr. LPD van der Kooy, dir.

Essential Information

Harbour 5910, Portugalweg 3, 4455 TZ Nieuwdorp
310-113-6131 00

Additional Information

Description: To meet with immediate and short-use market demand out of the contracting world, it has a selected fleet of high quality dredging equipment. Macon Charter is a part of Shipyard De Donge. In 2005/2006, it made a major step forward with the design and production of its `Backacter┬┤ series, the worlds first marine excavator.

Dredges: BA 1100, DI, 22m, 3460 kW; 2 BA 900, DI; BA 800, DI; BA 700, DI; 2 BA 600, DI, 21m, 560 kW

Other Equipment: Splitbarges, elevating platforms, crane barges, etc.