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Kojimagumi Co., Ltd.

Tokuaki Kojima, pres.

Essential Information

1-6 Kiba-cho
Minato-ku Nagoya 455-0021
815-269-1707 0

Additional Information

Description: Since its foundation, Kojimagumi has been engaged with soil, working in ocean civil engineering and focused mainly on dredging. Over the years various new technologies and machines have been developed, many of which have been granted patents. Among them is a grab dredge equipped with a 200-cubic-meter grab bucket, a pneumatic feed system for transporting sediment by air pressure through a pipeline to a remote disposal site, and many other special equipment and machines with high performance.

Dredges: Gosho, CL, 30m, 8370 kW; Tosho, CL, 30m, 8370 kW; No. 661 Ryosei Maru, CL, 30m, 4120 kW; No. 361 Ryosei Maru, CL, 30m, 2640 kW; No. 261 Ryosei Maru, CL, 30m, 1760 kW; No. 161 Ryosei Maru, CL, 30m, 1490 kW; No. 26 Ryosei Maru, BH, 10m; No. 16 Ryosei Maru, BH, 8m; Hakusho, BH, 7m

Other Equipment: 2 cement plant vessels; 1 sand spreader barge; 3 barge unloaders; 6 mud and sand transfer vessels