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King Dredging Co., Inc.

Michael King, pres.

Essential Information

300 Copeland Road
Beaufort, NC 28516-7520


Additional Information

Description: Dredging contractor on rivers, harbors, lakes, ponds and marinas in eastern North Carolina. Private and government contracts. Owned and operated since 1975, bonded and insured, and listed under Dun and Bradstreet.

Dredges: Patricia M Sanderson, CH, 10", 320 hp, 1960/2001

Other Equipment: 2 work boats 3 barges 3 booster pumps: 10", 220 hp 2 crew boats 1000 gal fuel barges Excavators Backhoe Bulldozers Dumps trucks Tractors Welding machines 15,000 LF 10" sdr 17 pipeline 500' lengths