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JND Thomas Co.

Dennis Thomas, pres.

Essential Information

22052 W. Everett Ave
Riverdale, CA 93656-9512


Additional Information

Description: JND Thomas Company, Inc. is a California based company with offices in Riverdale, CA and Daytona Beach, Florida providing "design build" mobile hydraulic dredging and mechanical de-watering services throughout the continental US. JND specializes in water borne environmental and commercial remediation requiring minimal set-up space and high volume output under stringent return water quality standards.

Dredges: 10" B490 Bucket Wheel Dredge; 10" Ellicott Swinging Ladder Pipeline Dredge; 8" DSC Moray Dredges; 6" SP815 Mud Cat Dredge; 6" Mud Cat Dredges; 8" Floating & Wheeled Booster Pumps; Portable 2,000 gal & 1,000 gpm Mechanical Dewatering systems.