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Ivan Milutinovic-PIM

Nedrijko Blagojevic, B.Sc., M.E., dir.

Essential Information

22A Gavrila Principa
11000 Belgrad
381-116-2739 3

Additional Information

Description: This company has been in business since 1951 and has undertaken many major projects in Yugoslavia and other countries, including India (Calcutta, Bombay, Paradeep, Marmugao), Lybia (Misurata, Benghazi, Homs, Zrik, Sirte), Kuwait, Iran, Iraq (Basrah, Uh Quasr), Bangladesh, Tunisia, Hungary (Budapest), Russia, Ukraine (Reni, Yalta), Cyprus.

Dredges: Stig, CH, 31.5", 2400 hp; Piva, CH, 20", 2400 hp; Resava, BW, 410 L, 420 hp; Goc, BH, 8 m3, 710 hp; Macva, 31.5", 2400 hp; Zeta Dustpan, 25.5", 3500 hp; Dunav II, 200 hp

Other Equipment: 4 tugs; 44 work boats; 83 barges; floating cranes; 4 pile drivers; 1 booster pump