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Heuvelman Ibis BV

A. C. Heuvelman

Essential Information

Handelskade West 34, P.O. Box 139
9930 AC Delfzijl
315-966-1991 1

Additional Information

Description: Beginning with one vessel in 1975, Heuvelman Ibis has developed into a major dredging, coastal, bank and diving company with a fleet of more than 50 well-equipped vessels. The company owns a wide range of draglines and hydraulic excavators and (cutter) suction dredges that can be used on most vessels, using RTK positioning and a backhoe monitoring system. The company operates mainly in the Netherlands, Germany and occasionally other European countries. Heuvelman Ibis also supplies sand, gravel and other ballast material.

Dredges: Amphora, H, 484 m3, 1530 hp; Orca, PS, 865 hp; Mylo, PS, 385 hp; Jumbo, PS, 280 hp; Ijssel, PS, 260 hp; Anita, PS, 250 hp; Kelly, PS, 160 hp; Jerommeke, PS, 1200 hp; Arie Cornelis, BH, 200 m3, 322 hp; Ibis III, BH, 200 m3, 319 hp; Hans Paul, BH, 200 m3, 285 hp; Reiger, BH, 60 m3, 120 hp; Marco, BH; Yvonne, BH; Marinus H, CL, 528 m3, 900 hp; Lachs, CL, 261 m3, 593 hp; Ibis II, CL, 238 m3, 331 hp, Pulleman crane, 30t; Gouwzee, BL, 800 L; Johanna Josephine, DI, 250 m3, 675 hp, Liebherr, R964C

Other Equipment: cranes: (for use on above mentioned ships) Pulleman 65, 4 m3, boom 18-24 m1; crane for dredging and pile driving Pulleman 40, 2.5 m3, boom 18-24 m; crane for dredging and pile driving, all-terrain vehicle; Liebherr A934B material handler; Volvo EC360, 2.5 m3, Hitachi KH125, 2 m3, boom 20 m1, Liebherr R914C, 1.25 m3, O & K RH 8-22, 0.93 m3, longreach O & K RH 8, 1.0 m3, longreach O & K RH 16, 1.5 m3, longreach; Daewoo 300 LCV, 1 m3 longreach; Doosan DX300, 1m3 longreach; Zeppelin ZM15C, wheeled excavator, 800 L; Hitachi EX225, 1.0 m3; Liebherr R952, 1.5 m3 longreach Rachel, wide swath bathymetry survey launch, 90hp outboard, road transportable, Reitdiep, tugboat, 250 hp DOP pump, 300 hp, sand pump and 8 flat barges, 15 hopper barges, screening equipment, land and floating pipeline, pile drivers, pontoons, loaders, welding equipment and water pumps. Several ships and cranes can be equipped with dedicated protection for dredging soil with munition/explosives