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Hanson Aggregates Marine, Ltd.

G. Day, marine dir.

Essential Information

Burnley Wharf, Marine Parade
Southampton Hampshire, SO14 5JF

442-380-8282 00

Additional Information

Description: Marine aggregate mining of sand and gravel, providing marine aggregates to the construction industry in Britain and Northern Europe. Based in Southampton, UK, the company operates a fleet of modern self-discharge vessels. Hanson Aggregates Marine is a limited company within the Hanson Group, part of Heidelberg Cement. Heidelberg Cement is the largest producer of aggregates and concrete pipe & products in the world and is the third largest producer of ready-mixed concrete. Its other principal products are bricks and its operations are global. Hanson Aggregates Marine supplies associated companies within the Hanson Group throughout the UK and has subsidiary companies in Belgium, France and Holland. It also supplies external customers on a contract basis for marine civil engineering projects. Hanson Aggregates Marine operates a fleet of nine hopper dredges, all equipped with self discharge drag scraper or bucket systems, to unload material onto wharves at rates of 600 to 2600 tonnes per hour.

Dredges: Arco Dijk, H, 5110 m3, 5156 hp, 1992, IHC; Arco Humber, H, 4450 m3, 6600 hp, 1972, IHC; Arco Beck, H, 2739 m3, 4236 hp, 1989, IHC; Arco Avon, H, 2700 m3, 3942 hp, 1986, Appledore; Arco Arun, H, 2700 m3, 3942 hp, 1987, Appledore; Arco Adur, H, 2700 m3, 3942 hp, 1988, Appledore; Arco Axe, H, 2700 m3, 3942 hp, 1989, Appledore; Arco Dart, H, 751 m3, 1580 hp, 1990, IHC; Arco Dee, H, 751 m3, 1580 hp, 1990, IHC