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Hall Contracting Pty Ltd.

Cameron Hall, dir.

Essential Information

149 Sippy Downs Drive, P.O. Box 519
Buderim, QLD 4556
617-544-5597 7

Additional Information

Description: Dredging Contractors specializing in cutter suction dredging in Australia, SE Asia and the Pacific Islands, with offices in Australia and Fiji. Hall Contracting has undertaken dredging work across Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. In addition, the company also owns a full range of excavators, dozers, dump trucks, graders and other construction equipment.

Dredges: Eastern Aurora, CH, 700mm, 10,000hP, 1994 IHC, Mabuiag, CH, 450mm, 1400 hp, 1997, IHC, Beaver 1200; Warraber, CH, 300mm, 650 hp, Jaden Eng; Saibai, CH, 400mm, 1200 hp, Yamba Eng; Kikilu, BW, 400mm, 900 hp, 1982, Ellicott, B890; Everglade, BW, 400mm, 1100 hp, 1988, IHC; Wombat, cutter suction dredge, 700mm, 6500hp; Amity, cutter suction dredge, 600mm, 4500hp; Bilba, cutter suction dredge, 550mm, 1600hp

Other Equipment: 7 work boats; 2 barges; 2 x 600 hp, 16" boosters; 1 x 800 hp, 14” booster; 4 x 400 hp, tug x1 30t bp