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HME Construction, Inc.

Greg Speyer, vp.

Essential Information

6801 NW Old Lower River Rd.
Vancouver, WA 98660-1062


Additional Information

Description: HME Construction, Inc. has performed marine construction and dredging since 1981. We are a federal small business that specializes in new construction and maintenance including environmental dredging, pile driving, installation and repair of ship breasting and mooring dolphins, fender pile systems and docks, along with demolition to dock construction and crane systems. Our Primary focus is in Oregon, Washington and Idaho including the Columbia, Willamette and Snake River along with the Washington and Oregon Coasts.

Dredges: Sea Hawk ABS Load line, Clamshell, 6 cy, 100T; Sea Lion, Clamshell, 5 cy, 70T; Sea Horse ABS Load line, Clamshell, 20cy, 830T; Sea Vulture, Clamshell, 15cy, 200t

Other Equipment: 3 tugs; 3 derrick cranes (piledrivers); 3 work boats; 6 1500-3000 ton environmental flat deck barges; 7 400-100 ton flat deck material barges; 2 pocket dump scows (2000cy); 1 ABS split hull (2250cy); misc. land and marine equipment