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Gulf Cobla, LLC

Jan Joost Post, gen. mgr

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P.O. Box 5708

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Description: Dredging & land reclamation, marine charter and survey services. The contractor is a cutter suction dredging specialist operating a fleet of dredgers throughout the Middle Eastern region and parts of South Asia and has been doing so for over 35 years.

Dredges: Khaleej Bay, CH, 650 mm, 6170hp; Baniyas Bay, CH, 650 mm, 3800 hp; Deira Bay, CH 550 mm, 3500 hp; Garhoud Bay, CH 550 mm, 3500 hp; Hamriyah Bay, CH 500 mm, 1600 hp; Jumeirah Bay, CH 450 mm, 1200 hp

Other Equipment: Hatta Bay, booster 650 mm, 1850 hp; Masafi Bay, booster 550 mm, 2280 hp; Hydraulic dredge pump; Multi-cats, work boats, pushy-cats, survey boats, crew boat; Split hopper barge, deck barges, ramp barge; Various earth moving equipment