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Golden Enviro, LLC

Eric Anderson

Essential Information

P.O. Box 2862
Boise, ID 83701-2862


Additional Information

Description: Portable dredging and dewatering services serving all western states, Alaska and Hawaii. Specializing in industrial, refinery and mine sites. Also slurry capping experts, specialty pumping, geotubes, digesters, land application, trucking and disposal.

Dredges: Swinger, CH, 8"x8", 260 hp, DSC Moray Swinging ladder; Hana Wahine, AU, 8"x8", 175 hp, Ellicott MC915; Bully, AU, 8"x6", 175 hp, Ellicott MC915, chemical resistant for acid ponds; Tusker, CY/AU, 4"x4", 80 hp, CH&E swinging ladder; Hoser, AU, 10", 177 hp, stainless, IMS 4010 w/ weedmaster; Zappa, AU, 4", electric, remote control; Vaughan Chopper Dredge

Other Equipment: Belt filter presses; plate and frame presses; centrifuges; HDPE pipe and fusion, land application, subsurface injection, tanker trucks