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Geo. Gradel Co.

Mark Gradel, marine sup.; David Finger, marine est./proj. mgr.

Essential Information

3135 Front St.
Toledo, OH 43605-0337


Additional Information

Description: Site development and marine contractors. Perform dredging and shoreline protection in rivers and harbors for the Army Corps of Engineers, the States of Ohio, Pennsylvania, and others in the Great Lakes and tributaries area.

Dredges: 21, BH, 5 cy, Caterpillar 375; Crow, CL, 9 cy, Bucyrus Erie, 88B; TNT, CL, 3 cy, Bucyrus Erie, 38B; Derrick No 1, CL, 3 cy, Bucyrus Erie, 38B

Other Equipment: 10 tugs; 22 barges