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Gendredge Pty Ltd.

Henry Ynema

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24 Butcher Street
Kwinana 6167
614-084-7220 3

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Description: Specialist dredging contractors operate and hire hydraulic dredge heads (dredge pump/cutters with agitator) for use with cranes and excavators, suitable for multi-function works, fixed and remote control, 100 - 650kW hydraulic power packs - extremely versatile. Projects include slurries, dredging, tank and pond de-silting, marinas, mining works, river de-silting, mining alluvial, wharves, harbors, mud removal, contaminated silts, pipeline trenching and installation, sewerage and silt dredging, geotextile tube fill and operations.

Dredges: 13 Various Dredges: Gen-1 amphibious 350mm crawler dredge walking (ground contact) depths to 7mtrs - Gen-3 long reach excavator 19mtrs, 200 mm; Gen-2 floating remote cable winch 150 - 200 mm; Gen 10 Amphibious excavator 20t Komatsu – Muduck – short – long reach to 14mtrs – Grabs, buckets-dredge head – 150mm; Gen 11 – Amphibious excavator Kobalco long reach 16mtrs buckets-grabs and dredge head.

Other Equipment: Work boats: transfer high speed, special duty landing craft (details on Web)