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2 Ludzas St.
Riga LV-1003
371-671-6522 2

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Description: EkoHidrioTechnika is a privately owned international dredging company. The company's main activities are dredging works of varying complexity, development and implementation of water projects on the international market, primarily for government customers. Capital dredging & maintenance dredging of waterways, Land nourishment, Replenishment of shorelines, Port construction and Environmental projects

Dredges: Poseidon I, TSHD; 4560 hp, max dredging depth:25m, Hopper: 4720m#, Built: 1973, Heusden-Netherlands, "Verolme"; Baltic Sea, TSHD, 8372hp, max Dredging depth: 23m, Hopper: 3500m3, Built: 1964, France, Nantes; Astra, TSHD; 3754hp, max Dredging depth: 23m, Hopper:1300m3, Built: 1985, Yugoslavia, "Split"; Ignis, TSHD; 3095hp, max Dredging depth: 17.5m, Hopper: 1180m3, Built: 1966, Netherlands, Sliedrecht; Saules Krastas, Hopper Barge, 588hp, Hopper: 600m3, Built: 1980, Romania; Beaver 1500, CSD, 740hp, max Dredging depth: 16m, Built: 1980