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East Marine Pte, Ltd.

Mr. David Teo

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1 Benoi Road

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Description: East Marine's primary core strength lies in dredging work. The fleet consists of specialized marine equipment for the collection, transportation of marine aggregate to undertake dredging activities.

Dredges: Dione, CL, 25 m3, 1753T, 2001 Pandora, CL, 20m3/9 m3, 600 T, 2001 Tarvos, CL, 18m3, 1513 T, 1998 Ketam, CL, 16m3, 1355 T, 1996 Minas, CL, 15m3, 1192T, 1973 Greip, CL, 10m3, 1514 T, 1989 Titan, CL, 8m3, 762 T, 1979 Draco, CL, 4m3, 572 T, 1985 Skoll, CL, 3.6m3, 516 T Narvi, CL, 3m3, 1044 T, 1999 Kari, CL, 1.3m3, SKK-130, 1994 Rhea, BH, 11m3, Komatsu PC 1600, 434T, 2009 DB01, specialized discharge barge

Other Equipment: 11 Anchor handling boats 11 tug and pusher boats 10 hopper and split barges 1 self-elevating platform