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Dunkwa Continental Goldfields, Ltd.

G. Y. Agra, gen. mines mgr.

Essential Information

P.O. Box 128
Dunkwa-on-Offin 0372
233-217-7563 1

Additional Information

Description: Dredging started in Ghana in the late 1930's on the Tano and Ankobra Rivers, and later at the Offin and Jimi Rivers. In a 40-year period, 1,412,000 ounces of fine gold were produced from two million cubic yards of alluvium. In 1961, DGL was formed to take over from Bremana Gold Dredging Co., and has since introduced a new fleet of dredges from ADL-Scotland. Rehabilitation is necessary to update its performance, hence, the company is placed on a diversified program.

Dredges: No. 6, BL, 021 cy, 1700 hp, 1977, Alluvial Dredges Ltd., Scotland; No. 5, BL, .36 cy, 1600 hp, 1979, Alluvial Dredges Ltd., Scotland; No. 8, BL, .36 cy, 1600 hp, 1981, Alluvial Dredges Ltd., Scotland; No. 7, BL, .36 cy, 1600 hp, 1986, Alluvial Dredges Ltd., Scotland