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Dredging Corporation of India, Ltd.

Capt. D. K. Mohanty, cmd.

Essential Information

Dredge House Port Area
Visakhapatnam 530 035
918-912-5636 48

Additional Information

Description: Established in 1976 to provide dredging services to the major ports of the country. DCI is a pioneer organization in dredging and marine development, fully equipped to offer a complete range of dredging and allied services to users in India and abroad and to provide vital inputs for national development. The head office, strategically situated on the east coast of India, helps ensure continuous availability of the desired depths in shipping channels of major and minor ports, Navy fishing harbors and other maritime organizations. The company engages in capital dredging for creation of new harbors, deepening of existing harbors and maintenance dredging to keep required depths at various ports along the 5700-km coastline of India. DCI is among the Public Sector Undertakings, in which the government of India has disinvested its share holding. The shares of the company are listed at Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkatta Stock Exchanges.

Dredges: DCI Dredge-XVII, H, 7400 m3, 14250 kW, 2001, IHC, Holland; DCI Dredge-XVI, H, 7400 m3, 14250 kW, 2001, IHC, Holland; DCI Dredge-XV, H, 7400 m3, 12300 kW, 1999, IHC, Holland; DCI Dredge-XIV,H,4500 m3,9460 KW,1991, IHC; DCI Dredge-XII,H,4500 m3,9460 KW,1990, IHC Holland; DCI Dredge-XI,H,4500 m3,11338 KW,1986, IHC Holland; DCI Dredge-IX, H,4500 m3,11338 KW, 1984, IHC Holland, DCI Dredge-VIII, H, 6500 m3, 11160 kW, 1977, IHC, Holland; DR Aquarius, CSD,7364 KW,1977,BVS NV Holland,DCI Dredge-XVIII, CSD,4050 KW,2010,MDL India;DR Backhoe, 1260 KW,2010, De Donge Holland

Other Equipment: DCI Tug-VI, self propelled twin screw tug, 2005, HDPE Kolkatta and three Survey Launches