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Dragados y Obras Portuarias SA

Julian Astolfoni, pres.

Essential Information

Cap Gral Ramon Freire 2265
Buenos Aires 1428
541-154-4689 24

Additional Information

Description: The company has been in business more than 33 years. Its work includes private dredging as well as civil works construction and dredging and marine construction in every major port in the country.

Dredges: Nueve, CH, 28", 7239 hp, IHC; Maria Ana, CH, 26", 8145 hp, IHC; Parana, CH, 24", 3100hp, IHC; 210, CH, 24", 2311 hp, IHC; 211, CH, 24", 2311 hp, IHC; Maria Catalina, CH, 20", 1511 hp, IHC

Other Equipment: 4 tug, 11 work boats, 6 floating cranes, 1 pile driver