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Dragados S.A. – FPS

José Antonio Martínez Prieto, fps mng. dir.

Essential Information

Avda Camino de Santiago, 50
28050 Madrid
349-154-5480 9

Additional Information

Description: Dragados S.A. is a major contractor in Spain. F.P.S. (Flota y Proyectos Singulares) is a 100 percent subsidiary company of Dragados, specializing in dredging and marine construction.

Dredges: Costa Blanca, H, 2548 cy, 4271 hp; Alodia, CH, 30", 12,545 hp; Draclapp 702, CL, 4.6 cy, 660 hp; Luis Sanchez Guerra, BL, 1470 hp; Dracpala, DI, 6 cy, 1255 hp

Other Equipment: 4 floating docks; 6 split barges; 3 pontoons; 5 work boats