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Dragados Hidraulicos S.A.

Eduardo Martinez, pres.

Essential Information

Calle 100, #8A-49, Oficina 517

Additional Information

Description: Colombian dredging contractor founded 1985. Serving ports, harbors and rivers in the Andean countries. Ample experience in reclamation and geotextile tubes. Operates in north part of South America, Caribbean and Central American countries.

Dredges: Trailing suction Hopper dredges Colombia”, H, 1.000 m3, 2100 hp, IHC; Mahury”, H, 1.000 m3, Nort-sur Erde (France) Cutter Suction / Bucketweel / Dustpan dredges Heroica II, CH, 750 mm, 4800 hp, IHC, Giant 4800 Rio Magdalena, CH / DP, 24", 2650 hp, Ellicott Don David, CH / BW, 14", 890 hp, 1992 rebuilt, Ellicott B890 Ivor 1, CH, 14", 800 hp, 1990 rebuilt, Ellicott 800 Doña Olwen, CH, 12", 370 hp, Ellicott 370. Doña Sara, CH, 12", 370 hp, Ellicott 370.

Other Equipment: La Pionera, BH, Liebher R984C DH 6, 1.400m2 dump scow DH 7, 1.400m3 dump scow Jules Verne Multibeam survey boat, 3 dredge tenders 4 Tug boats