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DEME Building Materials N.V.

Frank Devriese, gen. mgr.

Essential Information

Haven 1025, Scheldedijk 30
2070 Zwijndrecht

Additional Information

Description: DEME Building Materials NV (DBM) was founded in August 2000 as a fully-owned operating company of Dredging, Environmental and Marine Engineering NV (DEME), Belgium. DBM’s principal objective is the dredging, processing and commercialization of sea aggregate, a natural and logical supplement to DEME’s core business - dredging and land reclamation, carried out by fellow DEME companies Dredging International and Decloedt. Since establishment, DBM has established processing plants in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany and successfully obtained access to major aggregate concessions in French, German and British waters.

Dredges: Charlemagne, H, 5000 m3, 5883 kW, IHC Holland; Victor Horta, 5000 m3, 2011