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Cottrell Contracting Corp.

Ben Cottrell, V, pres.

Essential Information

328 N. Battlefield Blvd.
Chesapeake, VA 23320-3916


Additional Information

Description: Cottrell Contracting, founded in 1928, is one of the largest small business dredging contractors in the country. The company executes new work and maintenance dredging of rivers and harbors throughout the Eastern Seaboard and the Caribbean. The company also is involved in dredging for pipeline crossings, land reclamation, beach nourishment, and wetland habitat creation. Primary customers include the United States government, various state and local governments and private companies and associations.

Dredges: Rockbridge, CH, 20", 4600 hp, 2013, CCC; Lexington, CH, 20", 4600 hp, 2004, CCC; Richmond, CH, 16", 1600 hp, 1964, CCC; Marion, CH, 16", 1500 hp, 1972, CCC; Blue Ridge, CH, 12", 900 hp, 1961, CCC

Other Equipment: 4 tugs; 15 work boats; 12 barges; 5 derricks; 3 - 16" floating boosters and 1 - 20" floating booster