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Christopher D. Constantinidis Const. Co. SA

Dimitrios Constantinidis, mng. dir.

Essential Information

18 Rizariou Str
Halandri Athens 152 33
302-168-5838 1

Additional Information

Description: Established in 1976, the company undertakes both public and private projects and is registered in the 6th class for all categories of projects in the Registry of Greek Contractors. In 2001, the company acquired construction company Argo S.A. Contracts that have included dredging, marine and harbor projects.

Dredges: Hara, CH, 600 mm, 3300 hp, 1976, IHC, Beaver 3300; Ioanna, CL, 7 cy, 600 hp, 1972, Lima, 2400B; Anastasia, CL, 7 cy, 600 hp, 1975, Lima, 2400A; Dimitrios, CL, 3 cy, 150 hp, 1963, Ruston Bucyrus, RB38B

Other Equipment: 2 tug boats (500 and 150 hp); 2 work boats; 1 barge; 5 floating cranes